Saturday, June 19, 2010

a blogger's tale

"my background is copy-writing. that's why i enjoy those types of books." while pointing to this book on the etymology of words.
"cool. why don't you blog?"
"huh? ive got nothing new to say. what's been said that hasn't been said?"
"true. but may be you've got a different way of saying it"
"please, it's like everybody's a writer now. everybody has blog!" sounding exasperated.
"i mean, there's just so much trash out there. i don't want to contribute to that."
"and who really wants to read all that crap about what i do or what i think."
im slowly feeling my face turn red. thank God it was dark in his room.
"i dont want to add to that."
"i see. well, that's cool, too."
"do you have a blog?"
"yes, as a matter of fact, i do."
"oh. there you go. foot in the mouth."
"it's ok." but i still feel hot under the collar. i felt the sexual attraction dissipate.

my instinct was to get up and leave. but i fought that. and i diverted the conversation to another topic. it went ok. but i felt stung there, somehow.

sayang. he is a cute and sexy grindree. smart, around my age range. great big condo all to himself. obviously made. and looks like old wealth.

but it wasnt just that, of course. maybe he didnt like me either because he didnt really make any moves. so i left with just a handshake.

so im still mulling over that. i felt affected by that very honest statement. like im such a trying-hard writer wearing my heart out on a sleeve. like it's some important content. even steve jobs commented "“I don’t want to see us descend into a nation of bloggers. I think we need editorial now more than ever.”

my initial reaction was, of course, defensive. like an attack on me as a person who blogs.

but beyond that, i've sobered up and realized that cutie has a point. blogs have lessened the accountability of writers for accurate, relevant content. but it also makes me realize that i am blogger. and i've never claimed to be a writer or author or anything. but even as a blogger, i need to exercise enough effort to guarantee that my content, whatever it may be, will strive to make this world a better place to live in. perhaps through its entertainment, educational or resonance value. even if i only have one raider left. so i won't be guilty of being just an irresponsible venue of self-expression or even narcissism.

and the best way for me to achieve that is to continue to listen to my raiders, to read their comments. and that feedback is the best benefit one gets as a blogger. and finally, to rephrase emily dickinson

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not blog in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting raider
Unto his path again,
I shall not blog in vain.


Ming Meows said...

nasa sa kanya naman nyan kung ayaw nya magblog. tama sya, maraming blogs ang basura. Pero laging tandaan na may pera sa basura.

mavey said...

Hey i have plans to start multiple blogs .... now you are making me feel like trash ... just kidding. i have much more self confidence and purpose than that.

i think your cute grindree just lack self confidence as he consider himself not having anything worth blogging about and if he were to blog he would only be contributing to the trash out there.

I know there are lots of trash out there. But there are also good stuff out there. May be not enough compared to the trash, but that is why people like you and i need to blog more to contribute to the good stuff. :)

As for your quote by emily dickinson ... sorry but it seems my purpose in life is to burst bubbles. I know it sounds seductive to the logic and emotions, to say that having helped at least one person is good reason to do something. I would just like to point out that the bigger picture includes not harming any animals in the process. :)

gbic said...

trash is trash no matter where you write it. the same is true for good writing =)

danah boyd: Some people use paper to write insightful articles; the same is true on blogs. Some people use paper to write grocery lists; the same is true on blogs. Paper has been used for journalism, diaries, scribbling, gossip, passing notes, writing letters, bookkeeping, collages, photographs, and all sorts of other practices. The same is true on blogs.

Anonymous said...

i used to have a blog... well i still do but the last item there was about my father (who died about two weeks after posting it) which was almost two years ago.

it was a worthwhile exercise of angst and aspirations knowing for a fact that a stranger might just stumble into it. channelling blanch dubois' comfort in the company of strangers. my sister calls it 'washing my linens in public'. it doesn't really mater as long as they are at least 600 thread count pima.

i was finishing my laundry while reading your entry. i have been following your blog for about a month now. undoubtedly, it is very interesting with a few boner from time to time. i mean, that is making it understated. i will continue to follow your blog.

laundry or no laundry...

Anonymous said...

btw, i like your oblation... i sure want the fig taken out.

Anonymous said...

Yours is not a trash. I've been following your blog for about 6 months now, and it is from this blog that I get smart answers to whatever that bothers me (Bible? LOL). Don't sue me, but I copy/borrow most of your thoughts to help a friend (and most often they get satisfied!). PLEASE DON'T GET DISCOURAGE FROM BLOGGING CC.

Vince of Discreet Manila said...

There's definitely a lot of trashy blogs out there but yours is not one of them. I believe that if you can change someone's life for the better with even just one entry, then having a blog is worth it. And the new friendships built through blogs is definitely not a waste.

Cutie may have a point but he's badly misinformed.

Anonymous said...

There are many reasons why people write... me, it has always been my dream to be a novelist but right now I think I still have so much to learn. If I'm not a writer, I can't imagine what I will be.
Right now, I have a blog and posted my stories there so that I can gauge whether people will be interested to my works... but even though my visitors, walang nagcocomment >.< huhu
Anyway, wala naman talagang prerequisites ang pagiging writer... as long as you can put words together and communicate a sensible idea, okay na yun. Writing is communication, nothing more, nothing less. Also, people can write not for others but for themselves... communicating to yourself is a very important thing that not many people are exercising. I learn so many things about myself after so many years of putting my thoughts to words.

orallyours said...

some of us may not be good writers but all of us have stories to tell, stories to share.

Anonymous said...

it also took me quite a while before I started out my own. orallyours is correct, all of us have stories to tell.
I think it is not a question on one's writing prowess but the question is 'is there someone ready to listen, or read, for that matter?'
And I think the answer is always 'yes', we just need to start opening up.
Your corporate life is one of my ideals CC and thank you for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

well CC, to each his own. If he doesn't like blogging then let him be; and what he thinks about bloggers are just his mere opinion, something he is entitled to. Get over it!