Tuesday, June 8, 2010

50 *$#@!@ Comments

wow. a personal record. first time ever that a post of mine had this many comments. i feel like a mini-mgg. LOL. it had to take the combined referral power of the fabcasters' blogs to achieve this. thanks, raiders and readers for the wonderful comments.

kung baga sa takilya, blockbuster post etoh!

a lot of the comments were very heart-warming (and ego-inflating for all of us). but really, that wasn/t the intention. i just thought it was a nice email thread when we were going through that. something worth sharing. and in a sense, it was actually poking fun at ourselves and our delusions of grandeur.

when i read through those referring to cc, some of them are flattering but also intimidating! i don't think i could level up to those perceptions of cc. and for one or two of those, that may have actually happened. some comments felt they came from one who expected much from the virtual fabcasters yet reality became a downer.

but really, thanks so much everyone who read and commented!

sa totoo lang... ANG SAYA-SAYA!


Felipe said...

ikaw naman. so humble. you're so sikat kaya! :)

Guyrony said...

Glad you appreciated them cc, glad you appreciated them. ;)

Nimmy said...

thanks for sharing. :)
the post, and replies were fun to read.

Désolé Boy said...

CC Raiders!!

Gian said...

Read the 50++ comments and it was amazing. No worries. You write really well and it tells much of who you are.