Friday, July 2, 2010

SAHC: diary entries

in one of the reunions of the group, serg brought pages of a journal that we (nandy, nathan, gerry and i) kept as part of an effort to keep the group intact. we took turns writing the posts. so you will note that the 'first person' keeps on changing. allow me to share with you some entries. as shallow as they come.

feb 12 foundation day
nandy, cc, gerry and i didnt attend classes. we accompanied nandy to san beda. we went to gerry's house and watched 'afternoon delight' an x rated film and some sexy scenes of 'an american werewolf in london.' (nathan)

mar 2 i prepared a merienda to celebrate my birday. invited nathan, gerry, nandy, beth, serg and chiqui. (cc)

apr 2 graduation day (high school)

this is probably the last time that whole gang will be together (nandy)

may 11

we, cc, chiqui, nathan and i left for san fabian at 2pm. hope we will have a good time. ang cute ng guy in front ng bus and the caucasian at the back. we're all so excited. (gerry)

may 27

watched 'sex boat' with chiqui, nathan, gerry at the latter's place. busog na naman! (cc)

july 27

gerry, nathan, chiqui and i watched 'making love' at gerard's place. enjoy naman and we plan to do this every week. (nandy)

aug 5

sef, gerry, nandy, nathan and i watched 'conquest of the earth: battlestar galactica'.. hohum. yawn (cc)

sep 14

naku ha, vivian velez film, 'swedish erotica', pinanuod namin nila sef, chiqui, nandy, gerry and natahn. pati yung 'salem's lot'... corny films pero enjoy pa rin

oct 1 tragedy strikes

nandy! tumalon sa swimming pool na walang tubig. seriously, though, nag-crack ang hipbone niya. visited the poor guy sa gsis hospital rm 612 (nanthan, gerry, and i) brought him brownies (sweet, no?) (cc)

oct 16

nathan, gerry, bong and i heard mass at don bosco makati. we went to makati cinema square after (cc)

nov 20

boy-watching sa makati - nathan, gerry and i went to makati, ate at magnolia greenbelt square.. daming cute (cc)

nov 29

nilagare na ang cast ni nandy. tao na naman ang bakla (cc)

dec 3

binisita namin (nathan and i) si nandy. I learned of beth's kleptomaniac tendencies. (cc)

dec 31

with sef, i bought playgirl magazine sa avenida. with centerfold david bates... a step deeper into homosexuality! (cc)

sporadic entries really. eventually, i was left updating the journal. our pre-occupation then was our growing awareness of our sexuality. we were finally acknowledging sexual attraction towards men. we were watching porn (straight porn was all we could steal then).

other things that we did together - watching movies, watching boys go by. mall-going was still not as hot. and there were just a few choices, most quite far from where we all were.

we were all about 16 - 17yo. teens really. we knew so little of work, of earning, or stress, of relationships. yet it seemed like that was already the whole world. and we were the principal characters.

so distant a memory now.

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Ming Meows said...

watching porn together at that age? wow.