Monday, July 12, 2010

trapped in the trappings

kaw talaga cc! ang tanda-tanda mo na, nag-emo ka pa!

oo nga! ano ba yun? kagagaling pa lang natin sa launch. ang saya-saya pa nung pumasok ka sa car. tapos emo-shit na? hahaha

i heard myself laugh. and then found myself feeling a bit weird. embarrassed. slightly offended. but i took it all in good natured.

bakit nga ba bigla ako nag-emo after the book launch? hmmmm

after some introspection...

i really wanted to stay longer and chat with the rest of the group. migs told me of the meet up after dinner with the rest of the mggff. but im always worried about drivam. i still feel uncomfortable having to make him wait. i would rather drive myself actually.

so i let him drive me home with the intention of going out after.

but this new house, and the new gate. it's actually quite cumbersome to open and close. and i dont want to impose on the household help to have to open the gate for me. and im worried about parking, since drivam won't be there.

so there i was, saturday night, wanting to go out but with all these concerns in my head. inertia has set in.

so i ended up online. wanting desperately to go out but just couldn't overcome the inertia. and being online just made me feel more... trapped. and lonely.

so there.


gibbs cadiz said...

trapped in the trappings. -- ganda teh! :)

closet case said...

love yah, teh!

joelmcvie said...

Honey, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head. Now it's time to pull it out.

Either step out and enjoy outside the trappings... or snap out of it, and enjoy the trappings for what they are.

Okay, okay I have a simpler solution: palit tayo. Ako na titira diyan sa bahay mo, at gagamit ng Prius mo, okay? Ganda! PAK! Achieeeave na achieeeave!

Ming Meows said...

kung ayaw mo lumabas eh nagpapasok ka na lang sana.

Désolé Boy said...

sometimes it's hard to think na ang isang tinitingalang CC ay nag-e-emo din...


paci said...

the feeling is worse than claustrophobia. there there..