Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thursdays with CC: Control

as managers, your output, your performance is dependent to a large extent on your ability to control. the execution of your well-thought out plans would depend on how well you have identified the controllable factors and what controls you have in place to make sure that things happen as planned.
and even with those factors that seem to be beyond your control, you anticipate and do scenario planning. you give yourself a pat on the back for your skill at control. when things go your way.

but a lot of things will remain out of your control. sometimes, too many things. how could you anticipate an accident on edsa? a volcanic eruption in iceland? an ondoy? a partner's affair?

and when your plans go awry because of these factors, these Acts of God, you lose it. your temper flares up. blood rushes to your head. or you succumb to despair.

ultimately, the only real thing within your control is your self. or at least it should be. your assessment of the situation, your emotional reaction, your behavior, these are the only things that should be placed in full control. because all else are just fleeting in your ability to exert control. and that is the most visible sign of the maturity of your character, the control of your self.

so even as a manager, you will still work on learning how to control events, people to guarantee performance outcomes, remember that you are also a human being who has to learn the control of your self, when all else fails.


paci said...

the best managers are very proactive people. their circle of influence is bigger than their circle of concern. both their intra and interpersonal intelligence are remarkable. their ability to have full control of themselves show that they are responsible leaders. =)

rudeboy said...

While I don't totally agree that we can be masters of our fate, we are most definitely the captains of our souls.

melody said...

Hi cc,

I find your Thursdays with CC inspiring and informative.

Maybe one day, after 50+ Thursday with cc's, you could compile them and publish it as a book just like letters to mgg.


I hope i get to meet you someday.

imsonotconio said...

nakakarelate me hay!

Anonymous said...

i tried to lose control of myself. as expected, it went nuts. great adventure. great experience. no lessons learned though. ahhh, just hoping that newborn vampires can suck the hell of our their oblivious flirting. whatever this means, maka-comment lang.

cc - ya da best blogger i've read.


Anonymous said...

is this entry related to the entry after this?


oh damn...