Friday, July 9, 2010

gay pride

sometimes (not too often), i am very thankful for being pink. i consider myself so lucky that my world is so much bigger as a gay man, if i compare this with my straight contemporaries. my big world encompasses not just my work, not just my lil office, or my industry. i touch base with people from all walks of life! i have friends who are fashion designers, producers, directors, artists, painters, writers, government people, even those in sports, churches, in the development world (NGO's). i socialize with them during parties, events, activities. interacting with them just rapidly expands my mind. i love just listening to people and understanding their lives, their culture, their passions.

people in the office are constantly amazed at the breadth of my social interactions. and in a very concrete way, i am stimulated to try to inject one idea or one concept from one totally unrelated field or industry into my own. and that is creativity for me, nothing totally unique. just something borrowed from an unlikely source. and it has been bent and twisted and given a new lease on life in a new world, in a new marketplace.

and this is my ode to gay pride. a few weeks too late. :-)

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paci said...

cheers to us! =)
we have conquered the world.