Sunday, July 25, 2010

libido, where are thou

you must have left me. where before there was you in abundance, in fullness. a mere touch, a smoldering look will stir you up. and i am up aflame, looking for a body to quench the thirst.

where there is dearth of enthusiastic partners and mates, i easily turn to visions and images. and satiate my self. pleasure enjoyed solitaire.

but lately, i have not felt you. the places that arouse you seem to have turned cold. even the thought of self touching self seems a chore. is it winter yet?


Ming Meows said...

baka kelangan mo ng supplements na teh

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, ming, you beat me.I would have said the same thing.

Nothing to worry though. Part of, uh, aging.


closet case said...

@ming, @jp too bad even SUPPLEMENTS wont help. it's not PHYSICAL. hmmmp. LOL