Monday, July 19, 2010

some things lost, some things gained

with a slight hangover, i woke up yesterday morning severely missing my phone. i kept on wishing it was a bad dream. i would wake up to the familiar message tone. but no tone, no phone. i really did lose a phone still under a f**kng plan.

it was sheer stupidity. my shorts didnt have deep pockets. i was getting drunk. though i confined myself to one place, the bar as self-proclaimed fab bartender, i would go around from time to time, or just move bottles, etc.

i'm thinking i must have dropped it somewhere. even though there is a part of me thinking someone could have picked it from my pocket. i'm still hoping for the best, maybe one of the guests found it and will return it to me soon.

i hesitate to think that the fabcasters' party has been infiltrated by someone we could not trust. but then again, it's still my stupidity to have put the phone in that darn pocket.

so sunday morning was kind of a haze for me. i got through lunch wanting to go back to the scene, pick up some stuff i brought for the party. and when i finally got there, a vain attempt to search for my phone. which, of course, did not turn up anything.

then it was a children's party to attend in alabang. before that, some shopping for gifts in crossings dept. store. then late mass near the nano-enterprise.

i found my spirit no longer drooping because of the incident. i was actually back to being perky and just thinking of other things. it helped that a message from a new friend was straightforward: "get over it. things money could buy are replaceable." mopey me, used to wallowing, was told just get it on.

at the mass, i was already uplifted, just praying and having my private conversation with Him.

hope springs eternal. the one who found it may still want to give it back to me. but most importantly, the attitude is done and over with it.

yeah, i miss qwerty. i'm back to a typical keyboard. but i've gained some more control over my emotion. so i've gained something, too.

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Anonymous said...

If you have no plans of replacing it with the same phone I could lend you one of my iphones until you finished your contract. It's unlocked and can be used in the Philippines. Say yes and would contact you privately. This is not a hoax hehe.

frondizi said...

it's time get a blackberry... i'm still contemplating about it too.. but everyone seems using this bbm craze, though I still love my iPhone 3g ♥

closet case said...

@anonymous i would like to explore this offer.

@frondizi hmmm. nah. won't cross over. hehe

Charz Mendoza said...

There's something about this weekend...

I've had my fair share of misfortunes too and it's such a hassle to get back to the normal run of things.

I commiserate with you.

And yes, don't crossover. I love mac just because...

Anonymous said...

You’ll never know someone may actually do the right thing. I lost my iphone once and the person who found it actually phoned me and returned it to me. I was sad when I lost it because the carrying cost is too expensive. Luckily there are still honest people out there. I was also lucky that I did not luck it, therefore he was able see my phone number.

M.T. said...

Hey hey! Sad news but glad youre ok na. It was really nice seeing you there. You were so gracious and full of energy! HUGS!!!!

efrenefren said...

if it's under a plan, i think globe can give you a replacement sim and deactivate the lost one.

TalesAt26 said...

i know the feeling... lost my phone a month or so ago. but life goes on. as long as we're alive and healthy, we can still afford another one or two or more! c:

BTW, i wud like to take this opportunity to thank you, CC. I chanced upon ur blog a week ago. I got hooked up! I'm kinda catching up for now and i'm still somewhere ur entries on July of 2007. Talk about backtracking! I'm really enjoying it. Looks like i'd still be spending a lot more time in my locked room giggling while reading ur blog. Thank you tons!


Anonymous said...

Hey cc check your email. I sent a message regarding the iPhone.

closet case said...

@charz it must be in the air. a series of unfortunate events. but im ok now.
@MT hey nice to see you here! thanks for coming last saturday. and thanks for the comment. hope to see you more often at our parties and events!
@efrenefren exactly what i did. it was so quick, too! i had a ndw working sim in two hours.
@talesat26 thanks and welcome! it gives me much joy to read such comments. :-)
@anonymous ill be forever grateful

RG-boy said...

kuya, nice to see you again last saturday. nyaks! sorry to hear about your phone. sana'y walang scandal dun ikaw. LOL. joke lang.


cutemarc17 said...

Ei sorry. i was there too. glad you have friends, one who will lend u his iphone. be extra careful next time!

Ming Meows said...

glad youv'e moved on coz that's one of the hardest things to do.