Saturday, July 10, 2010

proud of you

i just witnessed how the three different journeys are now in the printed word for every one to enjoy. and i mean everyone. online connection not needed.

two of them call me friend. and i can only be so proud and honored to be called such by them.

i was actually nostalgic as i listened to them deliver excerpts from their books. who would have thought this would happen? who would have thought that this mba classmate of mine, outspoken, opinionated yet lovable and sincere would now have a published book to his name? or who would have imagined that this ad guy, this bath house habitue would eventually blog his way to a book about it? who would have thought i'd end up friends with them?

on second thought, this success is not unimaginable. it is well-deserved, and not a moment too soon. theirs was a blog which resonated, entertained, stimulated. and a wider audience was really needed for such writing.

cheers to you, fellowfabs! congratulations!


Leo said...

you're a good friend to them corporate closet. :) cheers to the newly launched books.

Von_Draye said...

you were there!
i wonder sino ka dun!?!

nameet na pala kita ng di ko alam.

palma tayona said...

... whilst yours (blog) should be interesting to be read as a graphic novel indeed. :-)

closet case said...

@leo we look out for each other. :-)

@von draye hahaha i was one of the faceless fans there. you, i noticed, however.

@palma ill call it graphic shorts. hihi

Anonymous said...

hi cc.
si migs ba yun nasa gitna?
hes signing a green book. eh green yun mgg book diba?
love, don

mylawhite said...

Si Migs ba yung nasa gitna at si Mcvie at E yung left at right side?

Fan mo ako CC, sana magkaroon ka din ng book kasi ang galing ng mga post mo kaka inspired , for sure 100% aatend ako ng book launch dahil I love CC, kapag nakakakita nga ako ng ecuadorian rose ikaw ang una kong naaalala (yung airport scene mo)

Ming Meows said...

wala naman si migs dyan

Leo said...

a-hah! you're wearing spectacles too, right? I was sitting beside nimmy. :)

Von_Draye said...

@mylawhite, yep you got it correct.

@CC! Sayang!!! AArrghh!! Hope to see you again next time... hehehe.. Faceless? possibly, but your body can't hide you. I know you're one of the adonises there...heheh

and yes i agree, CC has his own version of blogs and will be looking forward for his book kung sakali. sayang no?
sana nagkaroon ng Foursome or ORGY Book launch. hehehe

@ming meows, Migs is there actually. hehehe

@Leo, haha!! I was actually looking for you in the crowd, kaso di ko kayo mamukaan! waaahH!!

papautograph din sana ako sa inyo eh.ehehehe

closet case said...

@von draye. thanks for the photo documentation. you even captured me on the photos. hehe

Von_Draye said...

nyaarrghh!! i know you're one of those goodlooking musculado guys there..

i just dont know who...