Sunday, July 4, 2010

Singularity Accessory

Sometimes I think that technology has just made being single not just tolerable but fun. It has personalized so many things that used to be so broad-based or mass-based. Much of entertainment needed to be enjoyed with other people: theaters and arenas. Even listening to the radio, watching TV were social activities (families gathered around the gadget and traded reactions, comments, side remarks). Slowly, the age of the individual crept in. Customization for personal enjoyment became the status quo. We could have fun on our own, immersed in our walkman (at first), or Game & Watch or Tamagochi. Yeah, we would have fun comparing our experiences. But that is the consequence of us still being social animals. We needed to communicate with others. Technology continues to provide us with personal entertainment gadgets where sharing is an afterthought.

The short of it: Tis the best time to be single! You can pre-occupy an entire day cocooned in your private world even if you are actually out there in the busiest mall or coffee shop. Yeah, you'll likely smile or even laugh to yourself. But that doesn't look as silly as it did before. As long as there is a visible symbol of personal entertainment (the headphone, the gadget on hand), then people will forgive you as you express your state of being entertained. and not think it is a sorry state of mind.

I write this using this newest accessory, signed below. I am totally immersed in this little gadget, having fun. Alone. :-)

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joelmcvie said...

"from my iPad" <--- YUN NA YUN! Ahahahahaha!

Now you can watch "Legally Blonde" on your iPad and miss seeing Connie Reyes and Shaina Magdayao in the audience. =)

victor said...

I agree. Contrary to popular belief, Technology promotes "singularity"!

Ming Meows said...

iPad! ipukpok mo sa akin yan teh!

JohnM said...

Kakainggit! hehehe

Anonymous said...

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