Friday, July 2, 2010


we met under weird circumstances. a friend introduced us for purely business reasons. turned out friend was part of a weird tripartite arrangement, with barry as one of the participants.

eventually, we worked more closely together. and we had a chance to be closer. we would have lunches because he looked like he needed somebody to talk to. turns out his relationship then was falling apart. so some lunch outs were actually punctuated with tears.

barry is cute, mega-talented. it was easy to like him. but i stopped myself, knowing that a shoulder was all he needed.

ill never forget that one time, coming from lunch out, we were inside my office. he looked like he was already feeling better. he closed the door. and hugged me. he looked at me then he kissed me.

i had to pull away. it was my office. it was right after lunch. and he had that hurt look. but beyond that, i felt it was just transference.

eventually he told me it wasnt. it was real. but he also felt that timing was bad. and that we should remain friends. and we did. there was always that soft spot for barry.

years went on. we lost touch. until facebook made it possible to connect again. but we didnt really keep in touch still.

until today. we just finished chatting. and reminiscing. and when it came up that we were both still unattached, we both laughed. and he said something like seeing each other again. and see how things will turn out. but we were both not serious about it.

he's thousands of miles away. and will stay there for a few more years. but that tiny little opening in that conversation touched a spot. that soft spot.

but as all cc stories go, this has no romantic ending.

it's a typical "yun lang"


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but it certainly made you smile...

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is this barry from dubai?

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