Monday, May 17, 2010

when are you over him?

you know, cc, IMHO, you're really not over your ex yet. sorry ha but that's how i feel.

i am surprised at the statement, coming from a close friend.

what made you say that?

well, you still get affected by things you hear about him.

yes, i do. but it's just that when i hear comments from him about he seems to flaunt his wealth to my friends, i react with 'eeewww' and some disgust. it's like 'does he really have to? isnt it just natural for me to react that way?

its not just that. you also mentioned how you found it weird that he addresses you very formally in his few communications with you. "dear mr. cc" "signed, mr. ex" it's like you get affected that he remains formal, cold and maybe even angry.

its not that per se. or maybe its because i expect him to normalize to civility since its been two years.

two years is not too long for a seven year relationship.

huh? you mean it's not enough?!

it really depends. but i wouldnt be surprised if you're not over him yet after two years.

sheesh. i hardly think about the guy.

it's not quantity. it's quality.

yeah, but i think about him only in the context of this ongoing business on separation of property, which is hardly ever. ok. sometimes i think about our life then. or the time we were still dating. only because im comparing how im feeling towards my dates now with how i felt then. what will it take for me to convince you that im over the guy?

not me. you dont need to convince me. you need to convince you.

i have this look of puzzlement. wow, after two years?! is that possible?

how do you know if you're over someone?

or how do you know if someone's not over an ex yet?


Ming Meows said...

..if you treat him like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

"only because im comparing how im feeling towards my dates now with how i felt then"

ay, me comparisong nagagnap? not claiming expertise, pero... la lang. haha! mukha ngang medyo slightly kinda not over ka padin. me standards ka eh, base pa sa ex.

peace tayo!

wisik wisik! choz. :P


rudeboy said...

One word : indifference.

Tristan Tan said...

When you've forgotten that he even exists.

Guyrony said...

Two words: rebound guys. :)

Fritz said...

I think if we had truly loved someone, we never forget them. Our feelings may wane pero nandyan pa rin yun... pwedeng a tiny, tiny, tiiiiny spark na lang but still. Yung mga "na-get over" natin, as in yung kaya natin malimutan ng basta-basta to the point of hindi na maalala ang pangalan ng cutelang yun, those are the relationships na hindi talaga tumatak.

Anonymous said...

im having the same sentiments at the moment. i guess im not really over him. maybe when the time comes that i stop comparing him with the other guys i meet. =)

canmaker said...

we will never really "get over" any ex, kahit anong gawin natin. sabi nga ni fritz, tiny, tiny sparks lang now and then...ang sakin, friends may mean well, but it is you who know how you really feel. if you feel you've gotten over him na, believe yourself & psyche yourself to make this true. you don;t have to convice others. iba iba tayo ng standards ano nga ba ang totally getting over him...pag nagka-amnesia ka na at di mo na alam kahit pangalan niya?

Anonymous said...

your are not over him, otherwise you wouldn't really care what he thinks or does.