Friday, May 21, 2010

musical chairs

i went to south bay city spa again. i happened to be in the area for some business. the spa remains a haunt of southern plu's looking for recreation, judging by the clients there.

when i arrived, i was quick to take a shower and begin with my massage. aside from wanting to keep that appointment with the therapist, i also didnt find anyone worth spending time in the wet floors.

after my relaxing, releasing massage ;-) i took my time in the wet floors. suddenly there was quite a number of clients in the small space. i espied one particular plu, a, who passed my standards. so i went to the wet sauna to begin the dance.

a went in and seemed to be feeling his way (nakikiramdam). i was trying to look just a tad interested, with an occasional glance his way. as a way preparing to make a move, in comes b, a chub chub daddy whose eyes seemed to pop out upon entering. a's moves were cramped by b. he left the wet sauna to me and b.

b more aggressively positioned himself near me, trying to catch my attention. i deliberately ignored him. and soon i walked out.

i went to the dry sauna next. soon, b was inside, too. another guy, c, was looking through the window, thinking whether he was going to go in. a went inside, apparently not discouraged by b and stood in front of me by the door. i was trying to appear oblivious to both. finally c went inside and sat right beside me. feisty little fellow. and he seemed to be making this weird sounds with his throat.

c left. and i left to cool myself with a shower. i went back to the steam. a followed quickly, seeing he had me all to himself. he sat beside me this time with his hand resting on the bench, beside my thigh. and as he was about to make his move again, b comes in, witnesses what seemed to be going on and positioned himself by the door (steam room guard?). it looked like he was eager to watch.

i felt a's hand under my thigh now. i looked at him and looked at c. and left to take my final shower.

though a screened positively, i wasnt about to be part of b's porn film. that just kills the desire.

as i was dressing up, i saw what looked like a and c hooking up, finally, in the steam room.

it all works out in the end.


Ming Meows said...

san banda yan?

Felipe said...

punyeta pag ako pumupunta diyan walang nanyayari sa akin. puro thundercats na jubez pa. text mo nga ako kung pupunta ka. mukhang may dala kang magic kamison. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

bet ko itey ha. hanggang ngayon kaya bet pa rin ito?