Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SAHC: the Sport That Binds

All of us, and i meant all of us, didnt enjoy basketball, football (soccer), the typical sports most boys our age were into. i dreaded p.e. (physical education) we HAD to play basketball then soccer. then we had to do swimming. i just couldnt dribble that darn ball. our attempt in first year high to play basketball quickly became agawan-buko. no dribbling. just running with the ball and shooting. LOL. football was worse! have you ever had a football fly directly into your stomach? the term then was 'bombet'.

swimming was another hurdle. yeah, i could float. yeah, i could do some strokes. but we had to dive from that f**king platform into the 10ft deep diving pool. horror of horrors for an acrophobic like me. and no, the sight of my classmates in their trunks did not elicit anything sexual in me then. only very few had nice bodies to begin with. and there was so much teasing during showertime. ugh!

anyway, things changed when our p.e. teacher in the 3rd year introduced volleyball. for whatever reason, we finally found our sport. what is it REALLY about this sport that attracts us, ill never know. i do know that in other countries, this happens to be at the very least, gender-neutral. but here in pinas, playing volleyball sets off the gaydar!

we took to it like fish in water. pretty soon, the p.e. teacher put up a varsity team and we all tried out.

soon though, we realized not everybody is blessed. the stand outs among us include vinny and serg. vinny used to be one of the shortest in class. then he started to shoot up towards the end of high school. he is now the tallest among us.

and in the early years, i associated him with serving at the masses as an altar boy. he seemed to be in denial of being gay but us who were out could smell the fish a mile away. LOL. he didnt really associate closely with us but remained friendly. and he was one of the stars of the game. however, things changed around senior year when he started being too close to one of our classmates, a gang-leader type of figure ill call gardo. gardo has this history of having dated/courted some of the badings in the class, including pretty little cc. so it was quite a surprise for us to see them together. soon though, we knew they were already an item though vinny was still denying it. but ill never forget how he and gardo publicly acknowledged their relationship on graduation day to me, to us in the group. by holding hands during the singing of the school hymn. oh di ba?

the other stand out is serg. he was part of the group but belonged to the other section. we used to call him kampanerang kuba for his peculiar posture. but he was also amy austria to us, a resemblance as far as we were concerned. serg also played volleyball well. in high school, he only had one boyfriend, around senior year. they seemed like a nice, quiet couple. from being pa-girl then, serg now is a body builder, as in. but he retains those campy antics whenever around fellow gels. and it only becomes more hilarious considering how big he is now.

another thing about this two is that they were part of the very few who actually had sex during that time. even though most of us had boyfriends then, we never actually had sex with them. so we consider these two the luckier ones.


JohnM said...

Wow! a new SAHC post. As a child, I did observed that the badings (long haired types, no PLUs) were so good at volleyball. I never did like this sport (I thought that the ball itself was too hard, masakit when you spike the ball). I did try Handball though ( a combination of basketball and volleyball with the same rules as of football) and OMG, I was hit square on my *toot*. That *effin hurt! It's definitely out of my list of sports.

Anonymous said...

ang daming cute na mga players sa video.

Ming Meows said...

volleyball doesn't love me. buti pa kayo may bf's nung hiskul

canmaker said...

great entry...thanks!