Monday, May 10, 2010

suffrage exercised

i told my dad we were going to vote together. by 10am we were at the precinct with what looked like all the barangay people inside the mababang paaralan.

i was already forewarned through sms that there would be long lines in the hot weather. so i brought my fan with me. (di ba, donyang donya! hehehe.. nah just a paper fan)

we went inside the holding room of the precinct. and it was already full with people waiting for their turn. the nice volunteer gave us instructions and told us to wait. but she clarified whether my dad was a senior citizen. we were asked to sit near the door. with full expectations of a long wait (my dad whispered: mukhang hanggang lunch tayo dito), i started to text.

imagine my surprise when we were immediately asked to go inside the classroom! huwow! it turned out that senior citizens (and their companions) have an 'express lane'! the blessings of honoring thy father!

in 10minutes, we were done. our votes have been cast. i did have some apprehension about the marking pen that left marks on the backpage. i thought it would invalidate my vote. and siyempre, the OC in me had to make sure that i fully marked that oval.

now i type with this indelible ink on my right index finger, a reminder of suffrage, a right i have for being a proud Filipino. (cue Ako Ay Pilipino music)


canmaker said...

ang daya! i too was with my senior citizen parents ha....sila lang ang "express lane", so they were done in 20 minutes....while i was still an hour or two away from the precint door dahil sa pila. since they will have to wait for me that long, eh lunctime na, umalis na ako sa pila to drive them, i have to go back to the precint alone....kaso ang init pa...di ko pa feel!

Vince said...

My mom's a senior citizen too but I didn't think that they would let all of us 4 kids accompany her so we waited in line for hours while my mom took less than 30 minutes tops. :-/

Ming Meows said...

navote mo ba ang ladlad?

Felipe said...

sana.... kasama ko nanay ko kanina para nakinabang ako sa senior citizen benefit na yan. eh kasi, ayaw gumising nang maaga nanay ko. kaya ayan mag-isa ako, 6 minutes lang yata ako bumoto pero 40 minutes akong naghintay. hahahaha