Sunday, October 7, 2007

my parallel lives intersect

Corp closet: I am just in B bar with Reli.
Partner: Bakit naglalasing ka? May problema ka no’? (in a jovial manner)
CC Wala naman. (sounding tentative) Basta gusto ko lang mag-unwind
P Kahapon ka pa sad. Bakit ba?
CC Wala.
P Ano, yung boytoy mo hiniwalayan ka? Depressed ka?
CC Ano ba… And besides mag-uusap naman tayo when you get here next week
P Anong pag-uusapan ba natin? Parang kinakabahan ako
CC Basta… Naman, wag kang kabahan… wala lang…
P Sige na. Ayoko ng ganito Pagiisipin mo ako.
CC I don’t want to say this over the phone.
P Hay naku. Mas lalo akong kinakabahan. You have to give me the gist of what you’ll say.
CC Not now… okay lang, don’t think about it
P I will not stop thinking about it until I know what it will be about
CC I just want to … review our relationship, for the past two years
P Review? Review what?
CC Well, I just want to tell you about how it has been for the past two years… and maybe discuss with you directions
P Directions? Di pa ba malinaw?
CC Partner, I just want to be honest…
P Ah past two years. This is exactly like how it was with your ex. You will be telling me na you have been fooling around, too (tone getting serious)
CC Well… I want it to be discussed
P Tell me what outcome you want out of that conversation
CC I cant decide on that unilaterally
P Not that you’re making a decision. Ano ang gusto mong mangyari after that conversation.. Hiwalayan na ba?
CC no.. I want an open relationship.
P Ah… itutuloy na natin yung pinagusapan natin
CC (silence)… I really want to tell you in person
P Ngayon na. Tell me. So ganun na nga.
CC Okay,,, if you really want to discuss now… Ill start this properly. You know that I love you so much, partner…
P (interrupts) Yeah yeah, I’ve heard that before..
CC But… it is a love that is imperfect and unfaithful. Di ko kayang maging faithful while you’re away
P Mayroon na bang iba? May kapalit na ba ako?
CC Walang kapalit. But
P But there’s someone you see on a regular basis?
CC Yes
P Hay… sabi ko na nga ba. Sino na nakakakilala sa kanya?
CC the barkada…
P Anong sabi nila?
CC Wala naman. Okay lang kasi di naman yun first time na may nangyaring ganun. Di ba si Winston rin?
P Akala ba nila mayroon rin ako?
CC They’ve asked me whether I think you have one, too. I told them I really don’t know. And I don’t suspect that you do.
P Di ba sabi ko eh yun lang ang gusto ko sana – discreet ka. Di mo pa ginawa.
CC Kasi this thing started before we had that conversation.
P Sa Monday na tayo mag-usap. (hangs up the phone)

then the text above was sent

i knew it but i never expected u wld already hav that kind of care or 'love' for d guy. i cld readily understnd sexual relationships but love relationship is quite alarming. does he know me? or hav u talked about me with him?

my reply

he knows everything about u. M so sori.


Anonymous said...

o,ohhh, frm hubby No. 1???? Hope d troika thing is still open...

closet case said...

i dont know outcome yet.
but at least its out in the open now...

YAJNAT said...


Tony said...

Wow...that is such a big step for you from when we did our podcast dicussion.

DATS said...

i just hate october...a month of disaster.
all the best...

closet case said...

hey tony. big step. but a step closer to some peace

i broke up with my previous ex oct too. you must be right, dats.

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

finally the shuffling of cards has ended.
and the stakes are higher.
i bet you're going all in.
i really do hope that you would win something from this poker of yours.

closet case said...

tapos na ang pag-iwas pusoy, filli. i enjoyed the ride. now its clean up time. messy but someone's got to do it.

late reader said...

knows everything about u... ouch.

closet case said...

i had to let it all hang out, late reader...

luke lacson said...

dang! sigh. tsk. pura vida! :)