Saturday, October 27, 2007

blog turned boring

i was talking to a fellow blogger earlier. he mentioned a reader who was wondering what happened to my blog, how it became 'sanitized'. he wondered whether partner has started reading my blog so i have 'disinfected' it.

truth of the matter, cc has been trying to be less horny and less flirtatious. cc has turned to porn and self-gratification as the only means to relieve oneself, in the absence of partner. cc has stopped doing the spa and sauna routines. the temptations remain... with the way the eyes linger a second too long. some have gone as far as introductions and small talk. yet, cc stuck to his word.

consequence: no steamy posts, no illegal entanglements, no juicy stories to blog. blog has turned boring for readers, i think. and to think that i felt i had a value proposition - a closet fag gallivanting around the metropolis with tricks yet maintaining ang LDR. that was compelling enough to be read by some.

so i am left with cute stories, no tabloid articles. and i think my blog audience has started to get bored. sigh.


John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Well if they're bored...then tell them not to read. But I'm maldita like dut. Don't they say that most men live lives of quiet desperation???

joelmcvie said...

Is that the reason why you turned to blogging in the first place? The value proposition of titillation? If that's the case, then you can:

[1] go back against your word to hubby so that this blog continues to be interesting as per original purpose;
[2] close down this blog now, it has lost its purpose;
[3] find a new value proposition for this blog.

Actually there are other blogs by guys with partners who also fool around on the side without partner's consent. What remains distinct is your voice.

closet case said...

thanks for the comment, john. maldita rin ako so bahala sila sa buhay nila! (you do understand Tagalog, right?) :-)

mcvie... honestly, that value proposition was something that came to me after finally deciding to put up a blog (after our chikahan at Jay-j's in Timog area with Abaniko, if you remember). i mean, i had to have something different to share. and i strategized and hit upon my exploits as the USP. but that's all the problem with real time reporting. circumstances, emotions have changed since. i really need a new value proposition for this blog.

Anonymous said...

d end of enigma became synonymous to the end of Corporate Closet?? i dont think so... i've read some of ur past post, ahhh, i think i just did read all ur past post and commented on some.... Those reflections of yours a worth the visit to CC! :) Y dont u do something Xtreme... post ur face here, or migs, hehehe! Joke! :)

DATS said...

cc there's MORE to share besides from those steamy/erotic tale..if they find your post bored, so what?...there are people who STILL read your blog...
take care.

Anonymous said...

well... i still look forward to reading new posts up here. :) love you CC!

f i l l i b u s t e r o said...

ako, i don't read your blog because it has sex, or it had sex in it. (wow past tense na talaga, hehe) i think your smart enough to write something, anything.
sex is easy to sell.

closet case said...

josh, when ive managed to really change my closet status, you'll see my face here! extreme talaga! haha. thanks for dropping by!

dats, mr anonymous (assuming you're male) fillibustero, hugs! i dedicate my new post to all of you and more (john, mcvie, josh!)

ONAI said...

clap clap to you B...

di ako nag comment in your past posts like the enigma stuff (i kept track on that) kasi I thought you don't deserve even my comment, I just don't know what to say (and yes maldita din ako pahabaan ng hair ito ng kamalditahan hehe).

anyway I'm glad you have come out of that and dealt with it as a better person and I'm happy for you... come out of the closet na kasi haha ang tanda mo na (joke)!

thought that I really know you but di ko nga maalala your surname hehe will just check the calling card... =)

well in retrospect your posts are really good and interesting and technically you write well, and though they are testaments of your experiences, your posts make me think back on myself and stuff, kaya its not just plain blogging per se or tabloidal its kinda inquisitive and educational din and I read your blog because:
1 - ur gay
2 - same alma matter
3 - you could be cute or smart or just hot which is actually all of the above...

feel free to delete this comment if its too incriminating =) take care B and ciao =)
2 - same alma matter
3 - you could be cute or smart or

closet case said...

onai... thanks again. seriously! i may be cute or smart or hot but then again... i may not be any of the above. calling card? and which alma mater is this? you dont have to answer that! hahaha. not here anyway. i will keep on blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont want to assume, but i feel that i'm the reader your fellow blogger was referring too.

when i said that your blog might be sanitized already, i was not referring to the steamy stuff. (the past months, you have actually been blogging about just your emotions). i was just thinking that since partner already found out of this blog, you wouldnt be as transparent as before about how you feel (about loneliness, temptation, feeling bad about your long-distance relationship).

sorry if the comment ticked you off. but i'd still be your reader.

closet case said...

mr anonymous... if you were there at that place when fellow blogger was there, watching a floor show, then you're IT! :)

no worries about ticking me off. i interpreted your statements to conform to my own 'doubts' of my blog's readability. and to a certain extent, you are right. i feel tempered. though for the record, he hasnt actually read the blog. he hasnt asked me for its site. he knows it exists.

you leaving for the u.k.? for good? :)

closet case said...

onai... i just realized who you are. sorry. been quite silly lately! hope you are doing great! miss the irish village! hahaha. take care! cc

Anonymous said...

hi cc!

yup that was me! i was watching that floor show.

i've read your recent entries and i must say i feel the same level of transparency as before.

im already in london, ill be here for two years on international assignment, then i go back to my home office in makati.

stay happy!

your UK fan and reader

london boy said...

hi cc!

a reminder of our 1st intellectual intercourse :)

i am reading through your old posts and saw this one.


closet case said...

hey london boy! who would have thought a year after we would finally meet??? miss you