Wednesday, October 31, 2007

eh si enigma?

on nov 2, i am supposed to be strolling along the beautiful sandy beach of boracay, with marvelous sunset as backdrop and enigma holding my hand. i bought the tickets way back. but now, enigma will have to go on his own.

i have received a few texts from him, mainly following up on some happenings in my life he knew about. nothing sweet or pa-cute, except for one txt which ended with 'mis u'. and he was asking whether the booking was transferable (which it isnt). i guess he is fine. his texts sound unaffected though that 'mis u' thing... well, may be a little show of loneliness. i dont really know. i guess in the end i did not do as much damage as i feared. and i am glad. he truly deserves someone better.

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