Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trick or threat?

i actually received a halloween greeting 'happy trick or threat'. and he didnt sound like he was kidding. maybe he was all thumbs texting me. hehehe.

i go to the mall and i see all these kids in costumes, going from one resto or shopl to the other trick or treating. how long have i been asleep? since when did kids do this in the malls, with parents in tow (or should i say, pushed by the parents)? eh ang inabutan ko pa lang eh yung nangangaluluwa (which i bet a lot of you dont even know).

funny how we have embraced this American custom and tailor-fit it to our circumstances. can't do it in our barangays for fear of hold-ups, pederasts or just malingering souls? lets do it in the mall where EVERYBODY goes. who cares if those people in the retail outlets have no inkling who those kids are (with their costumes and make-up)? basta give lang ng give ng candies, etc. in fairness, some of the kids are cute. but some would rather be somewhere else. but no way. mama and papa will get mad and make palo!

so here's to tricking and threatening, pinoy style!!!

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