Friday, July 13, 2012

cc quickie: Career Talk

Miggs invited me to do a career talk for PLU's in August.  I'd like to solicit your views, dear raider, on this.  Specifically, do you have any questions on career or corporate life that you would like to be clarified about?  Is there anything you would like to ask a resource person, a PLU, regarding these topics? :)


luke lacson said...

Hey there. I'm a graduate of Hospitality Management(a far cry from the industry that I would want to penetrate and try)and I've been wanting to tap the marketing industry. But someone like me who's not a graduate of that field, I'm having a hard time penetrating it. I can't blame them either. But I'm still trying though. Sabi nga nila, try and try until you succeed.

I would like to ask if you can give me some points or some clues that would help me penetrate the said industry.

Thank you for having the time of reading my query.

Thank you once again.

LJ said...

Do you believe that being gay in a company becomes a disadvantage in getting another level on the career ladder?

In the company I am working at, there is still discrimination in terms of promotion. How will you deal with that?

Justin said...

1) Let's say you already admitted your sexual orientation during the first day, how do you battle stereotyping in the workforce? How do you avoid being labeled as THE gay guy in the office?

2) The creative industry (eg. marketing, advertising, arts) is very accepting of PLU's, in your opinion, what other industries can PLU's succeed with less prejudice and discrimination?

Anonymous said...

CC, share why you decided to keep your orientation from your work/career and the people in it, and if it could have made an impact if you had shared who you are from the start.

oh, and is there still room for job loyalty or is job hopping the way to go to climb the ladder?

Anonymous said...

I work for one of the largest conglomerates in the PH that is still very much a family business. I am one of the youngest managers who rose up quickly in the ranks. I've been "favored" by the chairman and his family; I guess they like me. I feel and perhaps know that they wont favor or like me as much if I tell them I'm gay. Should I come clean or just use a "beard" (fake GF, a consenting friend perhaps) and deny my "gayness" for as long as I can?

mrklo-olstphn said...

hello. I attended this one. Learned a lot. Your example is insipiring. Anywho too shy to introduce myself as a lurker haha.

Anyways will try to comment more and share views.