Sunday, July 29, 2012

So You Want To Join A FabCast

That previous post on the evolving peanut gallery members elicited some comments about joining the FabCast.  And some expressed interest in joining one.  So without prior consultation from the rest of the FabCasters, I present my 5 Requirements to Joining a FabCast

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.  We serve alcohol during FabCasts.  And we are scared of Reclusion Perpetua.
  2. You must be ready, willing and able to express your views, usually when asked.  We are tired of hearing ourselves speak.  We accept guests who are more loquacious than Gibbs or Miggs, but be aware of spreading air time to all other guests.
  3. You must be thick-skinned enough to withstand the taunts of everybody, especially if we find you quite a target! :) Bawal ang pikon!
  4. You must have baon of a topic or two, just in case we have another dry spell and have no idea what to fabcast.
  5. You must be open to anything, even falling in love or at least in lust with other guests (All FabCasters are taken.  But then again, you can always try! Choz!)  Some acquaintances have blossomed during a FabCast!

So there you have it, raiders and listeners!  The Peanut Gallery is oooopen!  You may get in touch with any FabCaster, or me, through this email:

P.S.ssst, FabCasters, feel free to add.  (Wag subtract or revise.  Walang basagan ng trip o post!  LOL)


joelmcvie said...

Let me just clarify: "And we are scared of Reclusion Perpetua." NOT TRUE! Just ask *beep!* and *beep!* bwhahaha!

Otherwise, yes to the 5-point list. Dapat magsasalita. Bawal yun, "Ay, gusto kong manood at makinig lang."

Oh, and if you're afraid that someone will know you from your voice, and therefore would want your voice electronically masked, TOUGH LUCK. Hindi kami ganoon ka-high tech. Do a Meryl Streep and grow an accent.

Dan said...

bakit bawal ang below 18? My nangyayari ba sa fabcast? (EWW)


Anonymous said...

When will the next one be? Hope I can join. hahaha as long as no name dropping. heheh