Saturday, July 7, 2012

cc quickie: to my new closet raider

hello luke. i have to dedicate a separate post for you! thank you so much for doing a marathon on the blogposts! i'm truly glad and humbled that you found the blog entertaining, enough to even recommend it to another. so many things have happened in my life and this blog is some kind of testament to it (but with alterations! hehe) i hope i could continue to entertain you with the blog in the future. cc

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luke lacson said...

naks. seperate post pa talaga for me. im touched. THANK YOU. hehe. i just woke up and of course, i started to read your blog again. its not boring. its very entertaining and ive learned a lot. i just started to read this kind of blog. kasi i usually read the blog of paolo coelho and chetan bagat. i dont know where to check for notifications if you replied to any of my comments. haha anyway.. thanks again. have a great sunny saturday! :) hakuna matata!

joelmcvie said...

Ganoon?! May quickie pang nalalaman?! LOL

Joklang! ;-)

Guyrony said...

Heeeen furnace.


Hey Mr. Sponsor, it was nice seeing you again, and of course, your partner.

That was a nice event.