Sunday, July 22, 2012

cc review: Broken Tower, Redwoods, The Trip

More gay-themed movies.  Filling up a backlog.  And another mainstream actor essaying a gay role.  Let's start with that one.

What is it about super-artsy films I just can't relate to?  This is a black&white film, filled with high-contrast images, cut-to-cut, and the verses from the poetry of Hart Crane, the title role.  The poetry sounds wonderful but I get lost in trying to find meaning.  And it doesn't help that there are images accompanying the poetry as read by James Franco.

I had to push myself to finish the movie, honestly.  And the anticipation of more scenes of James Franco sucking face with another man was the only motivation.  I'm no big fan of James Franco, since he played villain to my beloved Tobey Maguire in the Spidey series previously.  But he was exceptionally charming here (because he was gay. hihihi).

And as this picture indicates, THAT is sucking face.

Now I move on to the "Redwoods", which got me curious because of one comment I read somewhere: "It's the gay 'Bridges of Madison County'".  Now, I LOVE "Bridges".  So here I am with my expectation way up there... only to be brought down, down, down. THUD.

Everything about this movie is bad.  Sorry.  But everything.  No hot actors.  Bad acting from everyone. Bad cinematography.  Bad lines (the cheesiest, ever).  Bad soundtrack.  PC and I had our heyday just lampooning the entire film.

Which is why this next film, "The Trip", was such a breath of fresh air.  Witty dialogue, cute actors (with bad wigs) and a good enough story with some redeeming political value.

I find both characters hot, despite the hideous wigs: Alan and Tommy.  I must say that I have been reading about this movie for the longest time but never remembered to download it till now.  And I quite regret not having done it earlier.

There are some really witty lines, which had PC and I laughing.  The plot twists quite incredulously (no spoilers here) but I suspend disbelief and ride along.  It has enough cookie characters that evolve through the years to make for some cute situations.  But it has a poignant heart, and that is why I ultimately root for this movie.  Nothing totally heavy on the drama side.

And the best part of the movie is when I finally heard this song again!  I remember just a few words from the refrain, from my childhood days.  Yes, childhood.  And I have always wondered, did I really recall the song right?  That the word "Homosexuality" was actually mentioned?

After watching the film, I am glad to say that I do not have Alzheimer's yet.  LOL.  In all its full-length glory, I present... "Ain't Nobody Straight in L.A."


Carlos Corpuz said...

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Carlos Corpuz said...

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