Sunday, July 8, 2012

Taipei Clubbing

I had a whirlwind tour of Gay Taipei last night.  We started with Red House Square (Ximen) on the west side of the city.  I consider this Ground Zero of Gay Taipei.  There were so many little bars and shops catering to the pink Taiwan dollar!  I'm amazed that the gay community here could actually support this 'niche' businesses.  We settled at G2 Paradise to ogle.  (They have such kitschy names for bars)

Then we went to the east side.  And there were more bars there, smaller ones and not clustered as it was in Ximen.  My friend/tour guide was telling me that the bars here were a bit more upscale, popular among models and wannabes.  And they could get jampacked.  True enough, this one bar we went to, La Boca, was really small (though had two levels) and already full with people.  Yet my friend told me that was a slow night.  I didn't see much model types, though.  Maybe according to their tastes. hehe

Then to another bar, a new one, Re-fresh, owned by his friend, and my friend, too.  Not too many people yet, since it is just building its base.  But the place has got potential.  It even has its own dark room (groping room).  And as we were chatting on his roof deck, would you believe that the police came in to verify the age of the patrons?!  Their police is being very strict about this, it turns out.  Their presence did put a certain tension in the air.

Then finally to G-star club, a big dance club very much like Bed (probably just as big, too).  Also with two levels.  At 1230am when we got there, it was already soooo full of gay Taiwanese rocking and rolling (or should I say sashaying) to the beat.  They play a lot of K-pop, including 2n1 (Sandara).  And just like Bed, there is a platform/stage.  It was fun watching them lipsynch and move just like the music videos!  As much as I would have liked to dance and move, I couldn't with all that people cramming the dance floor.

The downside to all of this is... my aging body didn't enjoy all that walking from one place to the next.  And though I enjoyed the alcohol, I realized that if I couldn't dance the effects of alcohol away, I'll become sleepy.

Mental note: I'm really waaay past this.  I'll enjoy dance music only if I could move with it.  Other than that, let's just have wine and cheese and great conversation.

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closetjj said...

wow, looks like i'll have fun in taiwan when i get there soon. pakilala mo naman ako sa friend mo, lol. taiwanese ba siya? =)