Thursday, May 30, 2013

ahhh. those moments.

of self doubt.

when you wish you had a bigger brain, and you could easily strategize and plan. but the ideas are just not there. and all you get are the same things in your head, doing the carousel. yet you need to do something drastic, to shake things up so that you will win. but nothing comes.

when you wish you could just be ruthless. and just be able to be so frank and honest. because you want results. and you can just get rid of the unnecessary, the inefficient, the deadweight.

when you wish you had more resources to fight out the battle. when money is just pouring in so you could do much more.

then you turn to other things inside you.

when you wish you were more attractive. and you realize that you actually look really plain, even ugly. because you see your real image on a two-sided mirror. and not just the usual mirror image. you see how others see you from a different angle. ugh. i hate the profile, the weak chin, undeveloped shoulders, the flab that won't go away.

when you wish you didnt have to compare yourself with others. when you feel so small compared to them, so unaccompished, so unworthy.

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Anonymous said...

Wahhh lahat na ata ng nasa taas yan ang pakiramdam ko ngayon.

Anonymous said...

Never, yes never compare yourself with others. That is an dead end road. BE YOURSELF! Or better, the BEST of yourself. Then you shall be free to become who you are meant or loved to be.

chase said...

You are one beautiful creation. Each of us are.