Friday, May 24, 2013

cc quickie: jd vs jw

c3 (corporate closet's consultant) likes jack daniels. a lot. but he likes it as jack+coke. i was never a whiskey drinker before. but since we got together, i have to admit taking a liking to the concoction. what's there not to like? it's coke-sweet.

anyway, i've always been curious about these whiskeys. and since i have a bottle of both jack daniels and johnny walker (double black), i am doing this comparison. both on the rocks.

both are 80 proof so alcohol content should be comparable. but right off, the whiff of jw is stronger than jd. and jd is definitely smokier-tasting. a bit smoother down the throat (swabe!). but there's a bite to jw that's distinct. and google-research says that jw is a blend of different whiskeys actually. hmm.

so melikes jw better straight. but c3 tells me that it doesn't mix as well with coke. that comparison comes next.

happy weekend!

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C3 said...

My name sounds like a car. Lol.