Saturday, May 25, 2013

cc quickie: another thing I missed out on

I'm viewing the photos of my nephew's prom night in New Jersey. He looked really dapper. And happy. He got himself a pretty date.

I never attended a prom nor grad ball in high school. My alma mater didn't seem to believe that this was needed for the proper upbringing of a gentleman. No wonder at least 10% of the graduating class turned out to be gay. Har! Har!

But I wish I attended one. Not so much to be able to be with a female date. But more because I would have wanted the "glam", the dressing up and acting so adult, I feel it's a rite of passage I missed out on.

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skewed said...

My high school reunion did a prom thing. When it is done all out, with all the works, it is a blast. And without the angst.