Friday, May 24, 2013

pampered nails

I've always cut my own nails. Well, there was a time in my teens that I got really curious with the mani-pedi my sisters were having so I did try. But never got around to incorporating it in my hygiene repertoire.

A friend of mine asked me to try his nail spa. I hesitated because somehow, I still perceived spas specializing in nail treatment as just uber-feminine. But what the hell, I decided I might as well surrender this 'last bastion of masculinity!'

I went to Nail Tropics in Trinoma, 2nd floor. I again hesitated for it was an all-female clientele inside. But hell, I was already there. So I walked in and was promptly shown the menu of services. And I was pleasantly surprised that there were 'services for the gentleman'. So I let my guard down and allowed them treat my nails with some TLC.

After overcoming the feeling of being the only biological male there, I let the therapist just do their stuff. It started with the manicure, so expertly washed, clipped and filed. Then the 'nail artisan' carefully took out the cuticle. And this I still don't get. What's wrong with the cuticle showing in the nails anyway? Is it less hygienic to have that? hmm.

Then as she was progressing on my fingernails, another therapist had started to do my feet. She first soaked it in warm water with some herbs and spices, I suppose. hehehe. Then came the filing of the corns and callouses. Now that embarrassed me! I really have quite a number of that because of my odd-shaped feet and my running/working out. But she didn't show any disdain for the thick skin she was filing away. And that made me feel at ease.

After that, she clipped my toe nails and started removing the cuticles there, too. She handled it expertly. And all the while, I was still texting, or browsing on my iPad (with one hand, of course).

The feet treatment ended with being coated with hot wax that solidified as it cooled down. My feet looked like they were in this cast. After about 20 minutes in the paraffin wax cast, she cracked them open to reveal what seemed like new feet! They looked so clean and fresh! And with a final massage, I was done!

It was a 90-minute treatment. And it actually felt great. My feet looked refreshed (and felt refreshed). And my hands, too.

I just might do this again. And again. As a twitter friend said "real men do have their nails done."

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