Wednesday, May 29, 2013

mad men,

Another series I have been following for some time now is Mad Men. I was intrigued by the back-to-back Best TV Series wins at the Emmy's previously (though they were unseated by Homeland last year).

This is telenovela at its slickest. The characters have always been complex in their personalities, motivations and inter-relationships. I have to say though, that the previous season took a dip in storyline. But they have managed to pick up fast right at episode 1 of this season.

Don Draper is such an idol. In the early seasons, while still married to blonde Betty, Don had females swooning and opening their legs. Then he meets Megan, his mowdelesque secretary cum pretty young thing. Recently divorced, it is open season for Don. But eventually, he is drawn and falls for Megan. Megan was such a trophy wife. And they made such a handsome pair. And he was faithful to her.

So I identified even more with idol. I'm in this relationship with handsome c3. And I am feeling like we make a handsome pair. #delusional And I can't and won't stray,

But to my surprise, Don Draper is back to his philandering self in this new season, despite being still married to now-actress Megan. And even young Peter is now unabashedly having his own string of affairs. It certainly makes for steamier scenes and more complicated storylines. But my dream world is shattered. LOL. Not even a beautiful, intelligent, caring wife could tame wild, wild Don.

Mad Men continues to draw me in. Even without mentioning that DILF Jon Ham (who plays Don) is supposedly ginormously gifted. hihihi

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john said...

I just like the fashion; it does have tight writing