Sunday, May 5, 2013

Joby and Will 3

"Hello? Yes, Will?" Joby called after he saw three missed calls on his mobile phone.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Why can't you even fucking reply?" was Will's angry response.

He suddenly turned pale and realized he forgot to reply, yet again.

"Oh shit. Babe, I'm sorry. I... I..."

"I've been wondering how you were, worried sick over you."

"I know. I was... just busy. I'm sorry, I forgot."

"Fuck, Job, you know how that just gets to me. Everytime. Every fucking single time."

Silence. He didn't have any reply anymore.

"I'm sorry. I.. I'm fine. The fever is gone."

"Gee thanks for telling me! You're thousands of miles away and I have no fucking idea how you have been."

"I know. It slipped my mind."

It was Will's turn to be silent.

"I've told you dozens of times, especially when I know you are sick. Especially when you are traveling. Just reply, Babe. A simple reply."

"I'm sorry. I'm just back home. But I ... I'll make it up to you."

"Babe, just please, stop doing this."

"Ok, Babe."

"I have to go. Meeting. Talk to you later." and Will hang up the phone.

Stupid. That was just plain stupid, he thought to himself. Of all the things he didn't want to do was to cause any change in his usual routine when he traveled.

"Hey." Benedict walked in coming from the bathroom, with the towel wrapped around his hips. Joby looked at him and smiled wryly.

"Sorry you had to hear that."

"No worries, dude. I know what I got myself into." He walked over to Joby and hugged him from behind.

"Stupid of me to forget to reply."

"Well, yeah that was stupid." as Benedict tickled him on his side.

"Haha! So now you think I'm stupid! " as he turned to face Benedict.

"Hahaha! Dude, you started it! I'm just... affirming!" just then Joby tickled Benedict and he started to scream. "No! No! Stop!!"

Then he stopped and just sat at the foot of the bed.

Benedict knelt in front of him. "I know you're still bothered. I'm sure he wouldn't suspect." and he laid his head on his lap.

Joby caressed his hair gently. "You're right. If he did, he would have included that in his tirade. And this is our last day together. I won't spoil it, Ben."

"Of course it won't be spoiled. I have to make the most of it, too. I go back to class next week."

"Ah yeah. I'm really glad we did this." As he helped Benedict up and sat him beside.

"Look, someone else is glad." as he pointed to his growing erection underneath the towel.

"Oooh yeah. Looks like someone is happy and stiff..." as he grabbed the hardness underneath the terry cloth. He started to squeeze and jerk it off as Benedict leaned towards the bed. Joby looked at him as he was already lying down, still with his hard cock in his hand. He looked at the nice brown skin, so even, so smooth. And he quickly yanked the towel away.

"Are we going to do this, dude? We might miss breakfast." Benedict muttered under his breath.

"I don't know about you but I'm just about to have my bratwurst." as he lowered his lips to encircle the head and wet it with his tongue.

"Oh shit. Oh fuck."

Soon, he was sucking the cock for all its goodness. Up and down the shaft. Playing with the head using his tongue. Flicking it around. That would send Benedict convulsing. "Oh God, that's good."

He flipped him over to reveal the nice, tight ass. He knelt in front, in between his legs and started to bite the buttocks, smooth and smelling so fresh. Nothing like rimming after a great shower.

He hoisted the hips up so he could have better access to those asslips. He spread the cheeks apart and started lick the hole wet, really wet. His tongue started to dart in and out of the hole as it puckered and relaxed. He heard Benedict moan softly in the background.

And as he rimmed that hole, he grabbed Ben's cock and jerked it. It was so hard and straight. He loved the feel of it in his hand. He spat on his hand to lube the cock. And he squeezed the shaft harder, and pumped it hard. All the while, he was licking that sweet hole.

He tried to suck his cock from behind but Benedict's dick was just too hard. So he could only just lick and suck on his balls as he continued to jerk him.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Don't stop, dude. ahhh" Benedict moaned as he was nearing the peak of his ecstasy.

Joby felt Benedict's body starting to tense up, and his wanking became more frantic and hurried. He then buried his face into that ass, biting whatever he could bite on.

And just then, Benedict's cum shot out, looking like the milk being drawn from the cow's low hanging breast. Joby pumped and pumped the cock as Benedict was shouting for him to stop. "Dude! Stop!" The cock was still super-sensitive. Benedict pulled away to stop the agonizing feeling and laid down on the bed, spent.

"Hey, your turn, Dude."

"Nope. Not yet. We got lots of things to do. Last day before I go back."

"Fine, Dude." as Joby got up and handed him some tissue.

"Let's have real breakfast!"

The trip to the airport was short. Too short. They were not talking much, and just listening to the radio as they held hands at the back of the cab.

"I had a great time, Job. Super-great time."

"Yeah, me, too, Dude. Amazing. It would be hard getting back to the daily grind."

"You doing Grindr again?" teased Benedict.

"No! Hahaha!"

"I'm kidding!"

"Job, you know that I'm falling for you, right?"

Silence. "Yeah" He said this as he looked away. "Ben, you know the situation..."

Benedict cut him. "Dude, I know. I just wanted to say that."

"Me, too. I'm really into you. But I... I ..."

"I know. I'm just happy we spent these few days. And I know you got really worried over that phone call."

"I still don't know the extent of the damage. Geesh! I can't have him suspecting."

"Be careful, Dude. No rush. I'm just here."

Joby finally arrived to an empty apartment, which was expected. Will would still be at work. He immediately sent him a message that he was home. He looked at mail and then went straight to the TV to catch the latest on ESPN. As he was getting ready to take a shower, he got a message from Benedict.

"Hope you're fine, Dude. Yeah. I'm officially missing you."

It made him smile. Benedict is just amazing for such a young man. He reminisced a bit about the trip. And suddenly remembered to delete all messages, all traces he could find. Will gets nosy sometimes.

Ah Will. What to do? He never thought he'd be in this game, but here he was. Hiding, lying to his teeth just to be with Benedict. He felt so strongly for him. Yet he could not think of a future without Will.

Will was like his rock. All the stability he has learned to feel, he got from Will. Will patiently guided him as he took his steps towards accepting this gay life and lifestyle. He couldn't imagine how he could have made it without him.

And yet, here he is, having an affair. Oh God. Yes, he is officially having an affair. Something he thought would never happen. But it's here. And he knew it wasn't going away. He didn't want it to go away.

I just need to be cool, he told himself. Just take it easy. No need to be intense. And always, always mind Will and give him enough attention and care. And love. Yeah, he still loved Will. There was no question there. He guessed he could actually love two people at the same time.

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