Tuesday, May 14, 2013

While On A Flight

I have to admit. Trips get me anxious. It's not the fear of flying or anything as cinematic as that. I just feel I need to be prepared to keep myself preoccupied for the entire trip. Yeah, that's how impatient I am, Lol.

Also because I have this really peculiar habit. I feel sleepy during take-off. And I am usually asleep. Then, once on air, I have trouble sleeping! The irony of it! I end up tossing and turning. The best i could get would be short 30-45 minute naps, even with jet lag! So yes, the flight itself gets me anxious. For the weird reasons!

I prepare by downloading episodes and movies I want to watch. I don't want to be forced to watch what is showing on the plane, even with the personal monitors available. I download episodes I need catching up on. Including movies. But sometimes, I make do with ripping dvd's. Then I upload them to the iPad, as much as I could fit. If it's a long haul flight, I get anxious about battery life. So I have to make sure I bring my spare battery, fully charged.

I bring magazines and books, too. But lately, my attention span with books has been pretty short. So magazines work great for me. Short articles that I could digest quick. Oh yeah, I do enjoy the inflight magazines. They always have great travel articles and photos. So insightful. Sometimes I wish I could write down the little tips and trip notes they put in there. Like the best coffee place. Or the latest club to visit. Or the newest off-the-beaten path must-see.

I wish I could just automatically turn on the 'writing bug' so I could pass the time away writing blog posts. And completing the next chapters to my trash-blogonovela. Hihihi. But it doesn't always happen.

So I get all worked up for this. And I get cranky if I forget to do any of the things on the list. Sigh. That's Life with OCD. LOL

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Anonymous said...

We are the same Ms C! I fall asleep during take off and i stay awake during the trip.