Friday, October 16, 2009

consolation prize

part of coping is, of course, shopping. bought myself this new toy. for the past 10yrs, ive been sticking to my bulky sony crt 27". ive somehow managed to ignore plasma and lcd. but when samsung came up with led tv's, i couldn't play dedma this anymore. ultra-thin, mega bright contrasts and has the capability for wireless streaming from the computer, i knew i really wanted this. price has gone down considerably since its launch (by about 25%) but still in the premium bracket.

well, to console myself, i finally bought the 40" series 7. not too big but enough for my condo. im amazed at the colors. i have yet to be amazed at the resolution since the blu ray dvd is out-of-stock. but already im thinking 'where has this been all my life?' it really is awesome. i can even directly hook up a usb flash drive or hard drive (but only those that have its own power source) or my mac. im still determining how to get the wireless thing going, since ill be using my mac. visually, it's stunning in its thinness (you can never be too rich or too thin).

im now going to be spending nights watching dvd's again. alone. but that's fine.

next toy: the entry level av receiver by denon and a great 7.1 speaker system, perhaps by polk audio. (still thinking which to buy}.


john stan said...

work used to be my coping mechanism , that is, until i discovered the beauty of shopping. total ego booster!

where did you get this one, cc? i so want one as well, hahaha! inggitera!

LonelyGuy said...

is it HD cc?

Ming Meows said...

sayang naman kung ikaw lang mag-isa.

Anonymous said...

Go get an apple tv and enjoy the life of wireless streaming. Welcom to the life of a tech geek! Get out while you still can! :P

period said...

<*hindi makapagsalita kasi napanganga na lang sa ganda ng bagong tv na ito*>