Sunday, August 15, 2010

finally, love

Twitpic - Share photos on Twitterfirst day driving my love. exhilarating. in the process of break-in so i wasn't revving up much. it is heaven, just riding in it. feeling the beige leather seats. being engulfed by the 7-speaker bose sound system in two-seater cockpit. then around sunset, an opportunity to drive around with the top down. when love takes over, blaring from the speakers. then switching over to classical, full-orchestra.

it is sublime.


Fickle Cattle said...

At first I thought it was a metaphor. Silly me. Obviously, I don't get cars.

Felipe said...

hu-waw. love your car. single na single. hehehe.

Tony said...

KALORKEY! KAKA! The prince has been dethroned and within less than a year of use pa.... OA. You really cant commit Haha. (i-relate ba?)

Anonymous said...

I saw that Twitpic earlier, and I said to myself, "Man, he really did it. He now has his new toy."

Congratulations! I'll be on the lookout for your top down in the streets of Manila.

Rev up, CC!

rudeboy said...


Congratulations on your new baby.

KAKEHIKO said...

that is a super nice car!!!

Nimmy said...


demigod said...

nice. am green with envy. :D

marc said...

give us a ride! a ride!

Anonymous said...

love your car too! am also a mazda owner, but unlike yours, it's probably 5 versions lower, name-wise. zoom zoom!

mavey said...

Just when i have got a buyer to sell my car. Will be going without a car for a while .... or even forever. May be i will find a bf who drives an Mx5

closet case said...

@fickleC no worries. my love for cars one of the last vestiges of testosterone in my body. hahaha

@felipe di naman! its made for two!

@tony no, the prince retains his position! this little baby is in a totally different category. and yes, i can commit! :-P

@anonymous im paying an arm and a leg for it. but its so worth it.

@rudeboy thanks!

@kakehiko you should see it in person!

@nimmy dude! astig!

@demigod dream it and it will come

@marc sure, when we finally see each other

@mavey im sure someone out there in an mx5 is waiting for you in hk!