Saturday, August 7, 2010

falling in love, deeply

is love a huge hole in the street of life that one 'falls' into? is it that bottomless pit, then, that one could not come out of, ever?

the act of falling scares me, literally. i remember back in fourth grade, i fell from a six-foot ledge in school. i landed on grass so all i had was bruises. but the sensation of falling and hitting the ground, and not being able to breathe as my abdomen was in some sort of shock i vividly remember. i didnt black out. i remember the faces of curious kids looking over me. stupid me.

oh, i also fell in a fish pond when i was six, at my lola's house. it wasnt deep but i remember actually seeing the carps swim by.

falling in love had none of these negative emotions. whether with people or with objects.

i fell in love with the miata in 1998-99. mazda was relatively new in the philippine market. and they sold that miada, a 1600 incarnation at the suoer affordable price then of a typical 1600 car, a corolla, a lancer. yet i still couldnt afford it. but that started the love affair. well, i've always wanted a sports car convertible. and it was shaped just the right way. they discontinued selling the miata here after a year or two. and it soon became a cult favorite. with a very active secondary market.

so i waited and waited for the miata to come back. i was never into second hand cars, no matter how well maintained. about 2 years back, when mazda was active again in the market with their mazda 3 and 6, they relaunched it here. a 2008 version with a ridiculous high price tag, the entry level price of luxury vehicles. i went to the car show to ogle and get disappointed at that price. yeah, it was now a 2.0li engine. sigh.

last quarter last year, they launched the 2010 edition, the 20th anniversary edition in sunflower yellow, at the height of my yellow obsession (when i was missing my yellow ford escape). almost perfect except for that yellow hue which i didnt particularly like. (the escape had harvest yellow which was the perfect hue.) and they upped the price again by another P200T. i looked at the copper red and felt it wasn't right either. or it was just my way of saying that i still couldnt afford it.

and to add insult to injury, mazda was all out in the ad congress last november. no price changes, no discounts offered, despite the lingering economic crisis! but they had on display the most gorgeous red color, they call it true red. and with slight grill change, it was perfect.

im lusting over the miata mx-5 again. no it's not lust. it's pure love. but unrequited love.

i love this picture. its the first version on the right, and the 20th anniversary edition on the left, both in true red. it's the best-selling sports car with almost a million units sold in its 20-year history.

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rudeboy said...

I still much prefer the original, with the pop-up headlights. They give the Mia that certain je ne sais quoi. But I understand that U.S. safety regulations considered pop-ups an additional hazard to any would-be sagasa victims, hence the more conventional recessed headlights on the new models.

Still, old or new, Miatas hug the road with a lover's embrace and handle like a wet dream.

Mavey said...

If they had reduced the price until it becomes very popular and common, will you still love it as much?

If you bought the car and been driving it after a year, woul your love for it still be as strong?

The law of adaptation means we only continue to crave and lust and have strong desire for it if we cannot have it. Once you own it, you will adapt to it and not feel the high for it after that.

Anonymous said...

I love how the front of the old model looks like -_- and the new one looks like 8D

Ming Meows said...

kala ko about lovelife na to. sorry talaga, i can't relate on your obsession with cars. probably because i don't know how to drive and i can't afford.