Sunday, August 22, 2010

road tripping

sunday is family day for pc (prince charming) so we will not be spending time together. so its going to be just me and my baby. i drove my baby all the way to navotas, hoping to visit the wake of a friend's dad. along the way, i realized the streets were becoming narrower and narrower. and the tricycles and pedicabs were getting too close for comfort. my baby was such a head turner, especially in that part of town. i was starting to feel hot under the collar, since my baby was obviously sticking out in the place (no offense meant. a low roadster was a poor choice to bring in flood-plagued navotas) and traffic was bad for a sunday. so i had to endure the ogling. squarely my fault.

naturalmente, i couldnt find parking so ended not even going down anymore. besides, id be too worried about my baby on the streets. so i made a u-turn and went back out. the nice part was when the traffic made me stop in front of this barangay gym. and all the cutie, sweaty local boys went out to look at my car, and even take pictures. LOL. i tried to look cool. but in my head i played out a scene: i get off from my convertible, in short, short cut-offs, a shirt tied in across the big breasts. "hiya boys, could any of you show me where the ladies room is? LOL

coming out of navotas, i decided to try the C4 that supposedly connects to a major road, radial road 10. thank God for ipad maps!

now that became the highlight of the trip! that radial road is actually coastal, taking me from navotas going down to port area. the road was wide, the afternoon sun was on my right, shimmering on the sea in certain areas. well, the left side was all lined with squatters which didnt make such a pretty sight. but the travel was amazing at that time, with no traffic and a few stoplights.

i eventually passed the ports and soon, the map told me i was going to connect to roxas boulevard! and there it was, still so clear of traffic, passing intramuros, manila hotel. i ended that trip at ccp complex, starbucks harbor square, just in time for the sun to set at manila bay. with ipad on hand, i was able to write my note to pc,missing him dearly.

on the way back, i had the top down only for a few minutes. then i realized that it was going to rain so i had to put it back up again.

it was a great, simple road trip. i leave you with this cloudy sunset.


Mu[g]en said...

Ohh so you went to Navotas! And that R10 is always a breathtaking sight, especially the bend before you enter the Navotas town proper.

Prince Henry said...

I love that picture that you posted! That starbux is also my tambayan if I wanted to change my scenery. I feel like I'm travelling to a foreign land every sunset. Breathtaking!

maginoongbulakenyo said...

Ang lupet na car, astig! tulo laway

Ronnie said...

Owww, I love the sunset. It seems breezy.

Mark said...

you + your car = hotness. lol =)