Sunday, August 29, 2010

great choreography

i just watched orosman and zafira. i have to admit that hadnt it been for gibbs making it so convenient, i would not have watched at all. and of course, mcvie blogging about all the abs...

i enjoyed the musical! i love the production design, the moving cogon grass drama. the 'greek chorus' behind the screens. the river to the other world.

of course i had a difficult time, at first, trying to follow the verse. then i realized i should just let the words flow through me. and take in the visuals, the acting and the dance. then i started to understand.

on the nega side, well, sometimes the 'arias' become just wailing for the uninformed listener like me. a part of me is thinking.. okay, okay i already got the idea the first minute of the wailing. and the costumes were confusing. i wish there was more distinction between the lady characters who looked alike much.

finally, this musical is breathtaking for the choreography cum musical score. totally creative. and that twenty plus dancers could do their thing on the tiny stage. my only comment, and this is a comment for most filipino group dance movements i have seen, is that it lacks discipline.

the dancers do not seem to move at the same time, and/or with exactly the form, lacking precision. they don't 'snap' in time at the same time. there is so much discipline that i observe when watching production numbers of western dance groups. when they move, they move totally in uniform. the legs are raised at exactly the same height, they bow at exactly the same level. i can imagine the choreographer cracking his whip, with matching meter stick, just to get it perfect. hence, the 'discipline' needed to execute it flawlessly.

even watching these dance contests, you could spot the difference. knowing the movements is one thing. but doing it in perfect synchrony is another. and that's something i want to see more of.

but orosman, the experience is still breathtaking. an affirmation of filipino creativity in the face of limited resources.


Ryan said...

I think the unsynchronized dance moves could be interpreted as chaos which is characteristic in any war. Also, the idea of using dance to depict tribal war is perfect. Very creative. I watched the play last week. I had a hard time understanding their tagalog too.

pinoyniftywriter said...

I so miss theater... kelan ko kaya ulit mababalikan ang mundong ito?