Friday, August 27, 2010

the business of relationships

its been two years and a half since ive been in one. so im in the process of getting used to it again.

once the commitment was sealed, it was getting down to the 'business' of things. the 'hard work' (though its not really hard work if you are enjoying what you are doing.)


first off, im voluntarily allocating most of my free time to be with him. if before, it was simply deciding whom to date or to book, now it's deciding whether to watch this dvd, or just eat out or visit the gallery. it's both familiar and new.

the change of status

it used to be a longer, more arduous process. "teh, may sasabihin ako sa iyo. may jowa na ako." then the shared KILIG and the full story of how it happened. each BFF, one by one. or to the group during dinner. a press conference. complete with press kit.

now it is an fb account setting issue. one tick mark. and the flood of comments and "likes" start. it's actually fun. so easy. the harder part is explaining who the guy is, how it happened. well, partly this blog is handling that. but for the non-raiders...

the formal intros

"oh ano? kailan namin makikilala?" for me, this includes family. im slowly setting up the dates when he gets introduced as prince charming. this last thing is peculiar. previously, i would bring guys i date to parties, to dinners, to the family. part of that process was to actually to get feedback on the date, the "kilatisin" factor.

as my feelings for prince charming started to grow, i felt that "kilatis" was not needed. i started to feel so strongly for him that it didnt really matter whether he would pass the screening. that, for me, was a profound change in the way i thought about relationships. i realized then that i was sometimes just using their opinion of my date to justify not getting into any relationship. even though for the most part, my previous dates all passed the mark.

so here i am again, taken, attached and committed. attending to the details of relationship building. loving it.


Tony said...

Congrats sis! It's really nice to hear that you are not really that concerned anymore with what other people might think of your significant other. Can I be as bold to say that you have matured in that area? ROFL!

(As one put it before, shallow and immature guys usually date people that their friends want to date rather than who they want to date)

joelmcvie said...

Dapat may Fabcasters' Seal Of Approval. Parang Good Housekeeping Seal lang yan, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy for you. Maturity of this level is rare in people in this day and age. Others claim to know how to love but they are clueless; how sad. If you really love the guy nobody else's opinion should matter other than your own. You just love, period.

blueyellowred said...


I wish you both the best.

Ako na sunod! :-)

stepfordboy said...

sarap naman ng feeling na nakatagpo na rin ng mamahalin at magmamahal ang isang kapatid! we and the whole fairydom is very happy for you and your significant other!

demigod said...

Quick Q: how does that work exactly for you two? i mean committing and being committed? is that tantamount to being exclusive or it depends on how the arrangement is between the two of you?

Pardon my ignorance, kasi I know a few couples na 'committed' daw sila sa isa't isa but everyone knows about their 'extra-curricular activities', so to speak.

Congrats, BTW. :)