Friday, August 6, 2010

another suitcase

on my way down to davao. i love it there. that city would be my second option as base, if the opportunities were only the same as manila. its both very big and very small. its huge in land area, and lately, you would see development spreading out. but the nightlife, the places to hang out in remain quite close to each other.

davao has that mix of urbane sophistication and provincial charm they could never lose. the people are very warm and friendly, and quite pretty! a lot of eye candy down there. and they are more forgiving of manilenos who can't speak the local language.

i love the fact that the mountain and the sea are both just minutes away. but i guess i always say that. lol. during my short stint there decades back, the restaurants in the times beach area would refresh my homesick soul. i experienced going there alone and drink my beer during sunset and just cry. lol. (the only misgiving, the beach doesnt face the west so no glorious scenes there).

i've been in touch with a davaoeno i met in cebu. we'd chat or exchange sms. and even if he has a partner, he'd be very expressive about his affection. 'could you be mine?' ' sana magkasama na lang tayo.' 'punta na lang ako manila'

i texted him about this trip. and he was so excited to see me again after that first time in cebu a few months back. though i still think he is hot and attractive, i was no longer as eager to spend nights with him. call it a lingering frigidity. lol. i told him i was dating someone but id still like to say hello. he stopped replying. i suppose that he wanted to really make me into some 'other woman'. good grief. so it hurt him that i was already seeing someone?

and to think i extended a few. more hours on sunday to allot some bonding time! lol (bonding time! not fucking time!).

so its back to davao. my last trip was maybe a year and a half ago. but i remain excited to see the city i have grown to love.

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Anonymous said...

yahoooo! saya2 ko.


Anonymous said...

welcome back! super mura lang ng durian ngayon..

wala bang meet and greet with ur davao raiders? hihih...

Anonymous said...

have a safe trip!

Ming Meows said...

it's good to hear you're dating.

closet case said...

@closetjay wish i had the time to meet up. maybe next time!

@ming meows starting to