Saturday, August 14, 2010


1. i like the way our country needs 'the' for proper introduction. "hello. im from the philippines." unlike our other asean neighbors. "hello. im from the thailand." or "the indonesia". just doesnt sound right. we are in the same league as The united states, The netherlands, The dominican republic. yes. its miss universe time once again.

2. i recently shifted from colgate to hapee. and im happy. i used to be a loyalist for colgate white. i tried the hApee white variant and found it agreeable. a filipino company, too. proudly. another one for patriotism.

this should have been entitled patriotic posts. :-)

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Désolé Boy said...

now that i realised it, "the philippines" sounds awesome!

Ronnie said...

Miss Universe! Yeah!!!!

Ming Meows said...

hayyy im so excited sa miss u. im glad u like hapee. charitable ang ceo nyan.

john chen said...

i think 'the' is used for archipelagos and unions, hence the philippines, the soviet union, the maldives, the united kingdom... but nice thought from you just the same. :-)

closet case said...

@desole boy makes me proud!

@ronnie bukas na!

@ming meows yeah, will now be a hapee user!

@john chen thanks for that info! that must be it. another reader pointed that out to me, in the context of 'the philippine islands'