Monday, August 16, 2010


its been years since i posted about 'the secret'.

then i was given this gratitude journal by a dear friend. and i started writing on the journal as instructed. i write down stuff im grateful about on one side. and i write down stuff i am wishing and wanting on another side, BUT written as an accomplished gratitude note, a way of reinforcing the wish fulfillment as espoused by 'the secret'

march 26, 2008 i wrote

thank you for my new car - mazda mx5. thank you for the great discount i got!

i wrote this after seeing the mx5 here in manila for the first time, after falling in love. it seemed like a pipe dream then. totally. financial capacity, other priorities and sometimes, even the sheer impracticality of that roadster were weighing down on me. but heck, i put it there anyway. including a six-pack abs. and of course, prince charming.

fast forward. that entry is now reality. two of the six pack have started to appear. hehe. prince charming is perhaps just around the corner?

this is not a wholesale endorsement of 'the secret'. but a reinforcement of the power of faith. of focus. of not losing sight of the prize. it may take years. but ultimately, glee has it dead on...

dont stop believing, really.

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Mac Callister said...

malay mo,dumating na soon,kasi natupad na un mga una e hehe

Prince Henry said...

Very well, CC. As they had it: The people who achieve things in life have a clear vision of what they want, a clear plan of how they are going to get there, and the ability to follow this through to completion. i wish you well!

--HRH The Prince

moks said...

recent follower here. nice blog. i just wanna share that i am believer of the secret too. it does work! :)

pinoyniftywriter said...

I love the Regional's Version of Don't Stop Believing by Glee... mas madaming singers :) You're already blessed CC... but it doesn't hurt to have a special someone to share it with. And about the abs... sabi nga ni Jake Gyllenhaal, "There's nothing that a 100,000 repetitions won't fix." Cheers!

closet case said...

@mac callister i was actually alluding to it in this blog. prince charming was really just around the corner!

@hrh my sincerest gratitude...

@moks welcome! it does work!

@pinoyniftywriter yes, i have been blessed. and now there is someone to share the blessings with