Wednesday, August 25, 2010

for those tired of Major Major. Skip this.

sorry i have to contribute to this kaguluhan. im just AMAZED that u.s. news would find this story newsworthy. but i like the way they actually threaded it with job interviews. and im still proud that they mentioned she was almost a sure winner.

but still... a spot on primetime news?


Ryan said...

Saw this video on Facebook. "Miss Perfect" doesn't sound so good, but I love the message the news anchor gave out at the end of it. /wrist haha :))

House of Queens said...

Cannot be tired of it. It's just the second day. I'd rather have news of our almost Miss Universe win - than the other news.

Thanks for Sharing.

victorcajoles said...

simple. no answer, no crown.

drew said...

I'm wondering what CC's answer to this question would be.

Ronnie said...

I loved the final message in the news. ;)

Lance said...

Her biggest mistake was to have some countrymen who can never be contented. I just can't understand what the big deal is. Anybody who has followed Venus' pageant history (from Miss Earth Phils to BB Pilipinas) knows that Q&A was never her forte. Honestly, she could have done so much worse in the Q&A.

I was more disappointed with the people who were singing praises for her during 90% of the competition then started bashing/ mocking her after the interview.

Every year, I’d rather have a girl who can make it to the top 15, top 10 and top 5 and then come short. We’ve already tried sending a summa cum laude and she became a clapper after the introductions. Melanie Marquez herself said, “Marami na tayong pinadala na magagaling sa English pero lahat sila LOST VALDEZ”. Now take that from Miss International 1979 who won the crown after saying that her best asset is her “long legged”.