Saturday, August 21, 2010

man-crush: i give in

and there he was again. i was looking at his face pic. and i couldn't resist anymore. i sent him a message of greetings. he gamely responded and i was elated. surprised that he noticed me again.

after a couple of days, he was online again. i resisted to be the first to make the move. and he was again making no attempt to say hello. sigh. i sent a message. this time no reply. so i just ignored his 'online-ready-to-talk' status. and i bit my lip.

eventually, i got used to seeing him online and just ignoring him. i can definitely take a hint. and im not about to force myself on him. so i pre-occupied myself with other friends there.

until one rainy evening, i decided to chat with him again. just a friendly chat. that extended and extended. and as i was about to carefully ask for his number, he beat me to it and asked for mine.

we transitioned to a conversation over the mobile. and it was a wonderful conversation. intellectual. slightly personal. more of me asking and him answering. so even as i was elated by the jump to actual conversation, i was still not feeling a strong interest in me.

well, im not about to give up. yet.

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Mu[g]en said...

All the best CC! :)

Felipe said...

ay. persistent. but becareful. baka ma-annoy. try to keep the conversation cheery na lang. lumambing ka na muna. mahuhulog din sa iyo yan DAHIL ISA KANG LALAKENG PUNUNG-PUNO NANG YUMMMMM!!!! As in YUMMY!

Sorry, bagong gising lang 'te. LOL.