Monday, August 29, 2011

cc archives: fitness feast

have you ever tried the sumptuous buffet at fitness first (all branches)? i am just so impressed with this mega-chain - they provide you with free sodas and coffee and even buffet! the choices are being served steamed or convection-oven cooked. one caveat - the meat is not always 'fresh' nor sumptuous. you just have to be lucky. some are lean, young types. others are definitely NOT fat-free, quite lardy and greasy actually. there's usually a helping of shrimp or 'hipon' in the vernacular, concentrate on the body and ignore the head. on certain occasions, you are served some prime cuts, though. pure beef, ultra delicious! and that's when you get really lucky!

guidelines on the buffet:

discernment - some prime cuts are not for everyone's consumption. helping yourself to this type may earn you a shiner. discernment is key. if eye contact is avoided, that's the signal for you to move on and try the other dishes. please do not insist.
sensitivity to the the other diners - some diners are luckier than you. they get to have their cake and eat it too. sometimes, it's just a matter of 'first-come, first-served'. be quick to establish whether you are gate-crashing a party or you are on the guest list. if you are a late comer to the venue, check for eye contact first. direct eye contact is a buying signal. a casual brush on the merchandise is not just a buying signal, it is an invitation. if none of the above happens, please leave the diners alone.

cleanliness - this must be maintained at all times. clean up after. left-overs on the floor or, heaven forbid, on the bench are just bad manners.

a final note: though the buffet is a fringe benefit of your membership, the management is not about to legitimize this offering. dining is actually illegal and could cost you your membership (their loss) or your face (your loss of...). please be very careful when dining at the premises.

readers, got any other guidelines you may want to share regarding eating out? :)

Posted by closet case at 1:51 PM, march 2007


JPdHotMess said...

you have already mastered the buffet dining sir!! haha

I also go to this gym and base on my own food observation...

In my home branch (The Fort), Prime Cuts are usually served in the late afternoon (mostly after office hours).. that's why I rarely workout on that time! It helps me stay focused and motivated every time I see the "NOT Fat-free, quite lardy and greasy" meal often served in the morning! Lol

Matt said...

Very nice metaphor!

GiNn said...

OMG!!! Love this! I've experienced the buffet and I miss it. Haven't been in one for 4 months already...

Good stuff man!