Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursdays with CC: Value of Extra-curricular Involvement

i have been a volunteer in the church for decades now. it wasnt a straight tenure, though. there was a time early in my service that i was at loggerheads with the president so i resigned.

i came back eventually, after the tenure of that president. and havent left since. not that i havent wanted to, time and again. sometimes, im just overwhelmed with work and would rather not have that extra schedule on my hands. at other times, im just thinking myself unworthy of the vocation. still at other times, my disagreement with church views on matters, including my sexual preference. and sometimes, it could be as un-christian as simply not liking having to be 'obedient' when i am so used to being boss.

but i keep on anyway. i found that my previous resignation was certainly immature of me. and as i stay on, i find more value in continuing to serve. the most important, and the hardest to swallow, is the value of being humbled.

yes, ive worked my way to the top so i could be the boss. so i could have my way. but this title, this position doesnt mean anything beyond my company. and when i let it get inside my head too much, i just know im setting myself up for a harsher reality check. when im out there, especially abroad, i am so humbled. i am just another Filipino, Oriental, Asian, colored person. i get in line. i am ordered around. i am a nobody.

being in the organization allows me to be grounded again and again. i am a follower. i will not always get my way. i will not have the monopoly of bright ideas. and im certainly nowhere near saintliness.

sometimes i resist. sometimes i am tempted to pull rank (where my rank means nothing!) but just as surely, i remind myself. i need to be humbled. and that is what this organization does.

another benefit of the organization for me is retirement planning. when i eventually retire, i know ill still have something to do. my life would still be purposeful and productive. i would still be around people. and i would still be serving. with more free time, i can even be more active and more devoted. and im guessing this will delay the onset of alzheimers and senile depression.

but i suppose the best benefit i am deriving is the benefit of self-fulfilment in service. yes, that does sound selfish. but it doesnt hurt, i suppose, that i enjoy what i do as i serve. that i see that some effort of mine actually leads to some improvement or betterment to the people i serve.

expand your horizons. do volunteer work. help where you can. there are so many causes out there that are waiting for more champions. be one of them.

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