Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm bi-os

im a bi-os guy now.

i have android o/s for the samsung galaxy 10.1 and mac o/s for macbook air, iphone, iPad.

im confused. lol.

I'm using the macbook air now, taking it for a test drive. it looks great. and sexy. and really light. fast, too. well, it will be with me for the next couple of years. the portability is the best feature. i don't have to log around that 17" macbook pro. the trade off, screen size. hehe. i didn't realize i need new glasses till now. LOL

will give you more of my thoughts on this air and the galaxy tab 10.1 soon. night.


Anonymous said...

I'm think of getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab (rather than an iPad) because of Android and the cheaper apps, and easier to buy ebooks too. Would you agree?

Dops said...

Hi corporate closet.. sorry i don't know how to call you so might as well call you by your blog.. anyway, in time (i hope), i would be able to call you by your name by getting to know you.. here is my email add..

Pika said...

please do a full review of the 10.1 galaxy tab AND the honeycomb apps too. I'm thinking of buying one but I don't know if it'll be worth it