Sunday, August 21, 2011

WEE 0821111216

on my way back. coffee now at starbucks in petron tabang nlex. weekend is ending. im thinking of ending this with a nice massage.

in the heat of 1130am, i had simply red coasting top down on sctex. got a great tan. lol. it wasnt hot. the breeze at 100kph is just wonderful. i love the unobstructed view of bucolic pampanga. so inspiring. nothing like 80s jazz to cruise with.

finally pushed it to 160kph and beyond. effortlessly. loved the way i would be just at 100kph and will have cars pass me. then ill mow them down, one by one. as i speed up. pc says car obsession is the only masculine bone remaining in my body. lol

another 40kms before reaching home.

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the green breaker said...

wow, astig!

Geminianchi said...

what a way to cap up ur lovely weekend. a drive at zooming spead yet as leisurely.

"then ill mow them down, one by one as i speed up"

still a man after all.