Thursday, August 18, 2011

the ideal weekend escape

in my mind, ive been setting up the ideal weekend escape. it must not be too far from manila. i have to be able to drive simply red leisurely going there, preferably with the top down at sunset.

resort must be beside the sea, with a great sunset. it doesn't have to be ultra-swanky. just exclusive enough to give me space. a nice poolside, great views in the lounging areas. nice resto and coffee shop. gym optional. but being situated in an area where i can run is a plus. a nearby mall or shopping area also optional.

with my alone time, ill bring a book or two. and this ipad and my phone. ill still have my laptop, in case of emergency, or to view movies i have downloaded. throw in the camera to capture the moments. ill bring running and swimming gear. ill look forward to some physical exercise. and maybe have a massage or spa time in between.

and i want to be able to do this regularly, maybe once a quarter, in the same place so the people will become familiar and be friendly. its going to be like having my own vacation house without the maintenance hassle.

tomorrow, i'm going to make this a reality. let's see if it will be as relaxing and as de-stressing as i have envisioned it.

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