Tuesday, August 2, 2011


a new acquaintance confessed recently.

now i know why you look so familiar. ive seen you before.
were you in bora around _____ ?
hmm yeah i might have been. not sure because that was quite awhile ago.
i have a confession to make: i took a stolen pic of you then.
huh? nah. that couldnt have been. you got the wrong guy.
ill check my pics later.

no way it could be me. like why would anyone want to take a stolen shot? they could simply ask, right? LOL

now im sure it is you.
no way. i wasnt there in _____.
im sure. mali pala. it was _____. add me up as a friend.

i quickly looked him up and added him.

look for my album ____, pic no ___

good grief. it is me. a stolen shot as i was busy talking on the my mobile. there were no other persons in the pic. and there were actually two shots, even.

for others, this sounds stalker-ish. but honestly, for me, im flattered that someone would even take a stolen shot. never happened to me before. haha.

i actually asked him why he did it. but before he could answer, i told him to scratch that. i'd prefer to keep my juvenile delusions untainted by reality!

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