Tuesday, August 23, 2011

WEE: in hindsight

my weekend escape turned put so well. the lighthouse marina fulfilled the dream almost 100%. the boutique hotel had the right amenities. it gave me nice views of the ocean. and i was able to leisurely read, or blog or tweet. so relaxing. the personnel were very nice and friendly.

i was upgraded to a suite at no cost. so that made me smile. it was a big room, with its own living area. the dvd player provided plays usb movies and music. a definite plus! though i didnt bring any dvd's, i was able to transfer movies from my laptop to my flashdrive. wonderful!

the hotel is at the end of waterfront road, the road where the bars and other hotels are situated. i was able to walk along the road and see the goings on during dusk. and there was a quaint chapel, san roque, about a few blocks away. so pleasant!

the hotel also had some nightlife. the lighthouse itself is a bar. and the music seemed nice.

and thought the weather was perfect, i could see myself still enjoying the place as it rains hard. it was cozy and comfortable. and the scene would still be nice in the rain.

the downside. well, it can get noisy at night. despite a/c and the heavy draperies, i could still hear the beat. at the time i went there, there were corporate clients, guests who were doing their workshop or seminar. so they got pretty rowdy at night. and with them around during meal times, it was a bit noisier than i would have wanted.

all in all, i see myself going back for another wee. i can understand now the advantage of just staying at hotels over maintaining a vacation house. id probably be spending the same amount for monthly amortization costs.

i just hope they can give me good rates if i will book way in advance. maybe once a quarter would be good.

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