Sunday, August 14, 2011

my pov: THAT art exhibit

i just have to express my pov about that controversial art exhibit in ccp, particularly mideo's art.

yes, art is all about self-expression. and mideo expresses, comments, provokes. and for me, he blasphemes. im catholic. i hold those images sacred. and i find it offensive that symbols i hold dear have been associated with anatomical parts associated with pornography.

this is me, reacting, protesting. im offended. i choose not to view the exhibit, nor pictures of it.

but will i demand that it be taken down? no, i won't. i have no right to impose my standards, my faith on others. how dare me think that my sensibilities should prevail! and i will not even dare to ask government to step in and take that exhibit down. the government as an institution was made not for catholics alone. it cannot use its powers to let one faith, one religion prevail over all the others.

whether we like it or not, whether we accept it or not, the world is moving towards more and more diversity, in color, in creed, in culture. it is happening everywhere and is happening here. this is the law of entropy at work. there will be less neat divisions and categories. and we will have to accept and embrace that.

so even as i hate what mideo has put there, he has every right to display that and express himself as i have with this post.

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gibbs cadiz said...

bravo! sanest take on this issue--reserve the right to react, but refrain from censoring. :)

Anonymous said...

We are not alone in this world. We are with other human beings and other creatures and our right or freedom of expression must take into consideration their sensibilities and feelings. Especially for us Filipinos who are sensitive to anything connected to those whom we hold dear in our hearts, then that "work of art" is not for us. There are things in this world which we have to respect because they are respected by others not only to the images of Christ but of representation of sacred persons like the Buddha or Mohammed or the Anito of the Ifugaos or even the pictures of our mothers? What will Noynoy and his sisters feel if somebody put a penis on the face of Cory?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! If only some people would grow up and realize that faith and religion are two different things.. I admire you for writing this piece. I already lost my patience explaining this to a friend. The comment of UP college of fine arts is also noteworthy, but then will they care to listen?

Anonymous said...

your taxes are working for you. that's what the CCP tells us.